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  1. Chrisbeg

    Peace out gang :)

    Peace out gang :)
  2. Chrisbeg

    Global /staff

    I’ve suggested this before, I’ll follow up on it!
  3. Chrisbeg

    Event Skywars Event

    I look forward to rekting you once again
  4. Chrisbeg

    Event Skywars Event

    Introducing our next live event - Skywars! After many requests from players and staff, we decided to bring Skywars as our next event. The event is hosted at /server event There will be two maps, Clockwork and Funky, with 4 games going at a time. In game, there are two leaderboards, one for top...
  5. Chrisbeg

    Top Supporters - February 2019

    Idk what you're on about ;)
  6. Chrisbeg

    Top Supporters - February 2019

    February has now ended meaning that we're soon approaching Spring! As a huge thank you for the continued support, Momento is providing the following users with rewards for supporting the server by either Voting, Watching Ads or becoming the Top Donor. All support is hugely appreciated and...
  7. Chrisbeg

    Im back (kinda)

    Welcome back, let me know if you need anything!
  8. Chrisbeg

    Sappy leaving thread

    Although we've been speaking about this the past few days, it's so sad to see if official. Please take my advice, I'm sure you'll flourish now that you've left. This thread clearly shows how much you really care for Momento, nobody can doubt that. Thank you so much for your time here and thank...
  9. Chrisbeg

    Event Spleef Event

    Winners - Test Round: brighterdeath 2nd Round: brighterdeath 3rd Round: Underestimates 4th Round: exExphire 5th Round: uGPU Winners Round: uGPU Everyone: Raider20 Staff: Raider20 Thank you to everyone who turned up, sorry for the technical issues we had at the start! You should have your...
  10. Chrisbeg

    Event Spleef Event

    Adding onto whatever has already been said because I don't want people to feel like their ideas have just been taken (although this is spleef, everyone and their mother has done it). Verypoor was one of the people who brought the idea to me, although Danny and I had discussed it beforehand. We...
  11. Chrisbeg

    Event Spleef Event

    With thanks to @Liezexo for the help with editing the build and structure of the event, I present to you a Momento Spleef event. Spleef is one of the most common game modes on Minecraft and I'm sure you've all played this game before but for those who haven't - Spleef is essentially a survival...
  12. Chrisbeg

    Event Creative Build Competition

    Winners! 1st Place | /p h AncientAliens 1 2nd Place | /p h Arabors 2 3rd Place | /p h N0raa 1st Winner | $100 GiftCard to be used at 2nd Winner | $50 GiftCard to be used at 3rd Winner | $25 GiftCard to be used at All...
  13. Chrisbeg

    Event Creative Build Competition

    Tomorrow, nearer the end of the day
  14. Chrisbeg

    Event Creative Build Competition

    Another update to let you know that this competition is ending in around 2 days time. Good Luck!
  15. Chrisbeg

    Global Our Community:

    We'll 100% look into more global events, rather than events that are limited to players who only play the one game mode. I already have plans for a Global Scavenger hunt in the next few weeks which will hopefully attract a lot of attention from the Community.
  16. Chrisbeg

    So what does this mean for our Admins? This now means that Kari will stay "Head-Admin" but...

    So what does this mean for our Admins? This now means that Kari will stay "Head-Admin" but under the Admin rank. This also now means that Lieze will join her as a new Admin. The promotion progression goes as the following: Helper->Moderator->Sr.Mod->Admin
  17. Chrisbeg

    Hey Guys, Few Changes to staff ranks- OP-Admin and Head-Admin have been discontinued, meaning...

    Hey Guys, Few Changes to staff ranks- OP-Admin and Head-Admin have been discontinued, meaning that Admin is now the highest 'staff rank' and has the same perms that Head-Admin did. We've also introduced Sr.Mod, which includes all Moderator Perms + the following perms: /ipban /seen (ip...
  18. Chrisbeg

    Top Supporters - January 2019

    We've finally got through the first month of 2019, thank you for the continued support towards the server and I, we really appreciate it. As a thank you for the support in regards of Voting, Ad Watching and Top Donor I'm here to announce this month's Top Supporters. Major props to the listed...
  19. Chrisbeg

    Event Creative Build Competition

    You guys have exactly 1 week left to participate, good luck!
  20. Chrisbeg

    Congratulations to @chillanchan and @Phalxo for their promotions and @verypoor for her...

    Congratulations to @chillanchan and @Phalxo for their promotions and @verypoor for her acceptance! :)