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    Formerly known as 0eroTimesNow
    No one in this server knows me anymore, besides 1 person, so I am making this introduction so that I can get you to know me a little bit more. Anyways, my name is 0rIsItJustMe, some of you may know me as R1PN4T1O9, _RIPNATION_, 0hioState23, and many others. I am 14 years old, born in Toronto. I joined this server back in June 8th 2018, as a player that wasn't familiar with the server at that time. I have spent my time in this server for about 8 months now, but haven't been online for quite some time. This was mainly because of how I got bored of playing Minecraft. I am coming back to the server, but won't have much playing time that I used to have in the past. See you guys and hope to know more about you guys.


    Well-Known Member
    Welcome back! I remember you. ;)


    Active Member
    Nice to know more about you! Who’s your favorite NBA team again, the Raptors?
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    Formerly known as DaniNoc
    welcome back! pretty sure I remember you, we both had Ohio in our names :p. hope to see you around!