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  • 13/3/2018

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    Staff member
    Hi guys, today is a big update. The update contains the following:

    New chat system: This one is still per server but it remembers which language you selected after you choose it once. It also contains a few other useful commands which you can see below along with the list of all user commands:

    A few specifications:
    • You can't ignore staff members.
    • Mailing is mainly used for offline sending of messages, archiving a mail will remove it from your inbox.
    • Staff are also exempt from /nopm.
    • You can click on someones name to reply to them when they PM you.
    • /Lang (language) should help everyone who were saying they couldn't use minechat since the old system did not allow them to chose a language outside of the GUI.

    New /Help command: Now in the form of a clean GUI, it provides you with every basic piece of information you should need to play.

    If you experience any bugs with the above, please let me know asap so I can make sure everything is smooth.
    Thank you Danny for the great new chat commands. I do think the /mail will be very helpful for me especially. Thanks for all of these updates!!!


    Active Member
    I love the addition of mail, it'll come in handy for sure!


    Formerly known as gjaltenma
    Found out a bug you can still /mail send someone if you got muted.


    Active Member
    The new /help plugin says /tpa (Name) which we obviously don't have for abuse, might be something to remove off the list if you can.


    Formerly known as dadway
    New chat system is looking clean. Dope job on this, Danny.
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