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  • 14/2/2018

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    • SKYBLOCK & FACTIONS: New mob stacking system. Now mobs can attack you. They stack infinitely (but have drop caps to not drop 100000000000 items at once), this will prevent people from being afk all day to cause lag. This new system seems to dramatically reduce lag, it was hard to figure out our old system was the problem because it was flying under the radar and was not being detected. With this comes a few anti-abuse implementations for farms which should make sure nobodys farms cause lag to other players.
    • SKYBLOCK & FACTIONS: Added poppies to /shop, /sell, sell wands, sell blocks and everything else you can sell them to since they were re-added as irongolem drops.
    • TOWNY: Removed mob stacking and only implemented the anti farm abuse system. (Hopefully this solves the animal rarity some people have been complaining about).

    tl;dr: mob stacking is now different, mobs can target you again (more vanilla-like). Also there are some fixes to prevent abusive/laggy farms.


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    Glad to see the skyblock and factions updates!
    Not open for further replies.