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  • 16 January 2019


    Staff member
    Hey guys, I've decided to start doing these changelogs on the forums again instead of just in some discord channel most are probably muting. Anyways there has been quite a gap since the last time but starting today I will try to post all of the important stuff here again.


    • The rule against swearing on creative has been removed. Its an old rule that was put in place when I had bought and merged a server years back. The rest of the network allows swearing so it just made sense to lift the rule.
    • Related to the above, /rules has been updated to once again simply link to our rules page.
    • We've added more filters to prevent people spamming advertising links in chat and will be actively tweaking the filters with any bypasses we find as this is plaguing the mc community as a whole.
    Good update, I always thought it was a little strange that only creative mode didn't allow swearing.