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    As of this post, ban appeals are now limited to 3 per player. Any currently pending appeals do NOT count towards the 3 appeal limit. Any NEW appeals do.

    If, in the event the appeal reveals that a ban was unjustified and due to staff member error, the appeal will NOT be counted towards one of the three attempts. All legitimate appeals will be counted.

    I have noticed, in years past and especially recently, a large number of users that find ways to skirt around final punishments by intentionally waiting until warnings are expired before pushing the limits again. As a result of this type of behavior we have placed a limit on ban appeals in attempt to solve the issue of someone getting banned, getting their appeal accepted, only to end up repeating the same behavior weeks/months later, posting another appeal, rinse & repeat.

    This thread may be used to discuss the change, but the limit will remain. Any factual and intelligent debate about the limit number will be addressed. If you simply post that this change is stupid, please do not be surprised if your post is deleted without warning.
    Thanks for this. I definitely think this was needed as I see people spamming ban appeal reports and this will help them actually think about their appeal.


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    Like Germiknight said in the past some people post 3 appeals in a span of a hour or less. Putting the limit on is a great idea to make those people atop spamming appeals.


    Formerly known as dadway
    Something necessary for a long time. Thanks, Moon!
    Not open for further replies.