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    Formerly known as LilMeg
    I found Momento through a streamer; I began playing it around 1 1/2 years ago. The server has been a big part of my life since then :D by the way, Happy Two Years <3
    Hi, im bleugleu

    First congratulations i hope that momento network in the furture become to an very very famous server. Second
    i don't know how long I play on the server.
    i like the server its very cool with ranks and sale.

    Thank you all and may we share much more fun times together![/QUOTE]
    I used to play on Skelacraft (which later became the creative area of Momento) but when the 1.8update rolled around I couldn't play Skelacraft anymore. Not knowing how do downgrade my minecraft I deleted Skelacraft from my server list but about 6 months later I tried it and it took me to the creative area of Momento. No idea how long ago that was but I've been playing on Momento ever since.:) I love the server though, mainly because of the unique plugins that allow me to do really cool things with minecraft. But I just love the server in general.


    Formerly known as iHitSlayer
    Hey! I've been playing one the server for atleast 1 year. I found Momento while i was searching YouTube for OP Prisons. Then I came opon Momento. I was so very hapy of how OP it was!;);)
    I found this server by searching for small prison servers on google xD Ive been playing on this server for about 6 months, mainly on prison and it has been awesome! :p
    I play momento begin dis year. I found it by look thedutchterms. I go first to skyblock blue later go i to skyblock red because i would like play white my friend now we are in the top 10. its a great server for skyblock and more

    sorry for my english i'm verry bad in english i'm dutch sorry
    I'm Dutch and i'm a DutchTerms fan. He played Skyblock on your server. So I played on your server too. It's a very good server, I played for 2 months. I don't get a rank from my parent. I hope I win, but there more people. Caoi! (Sorry for really bad English :))
    I started playing on this server because my friends were playing on this server on Skyblock Blue. First it was a bit boring but it just got better and better. I play now for like 6 months:D
    Hi, i started playing skyblock because of TDT since 3 months, i love the server. i thinks a arnk will be nice on skyblock for fly and kits. I wish everyone luck with the giveaway! My mc name is: RtheAmazing
    I have been playing Momento ever since the middle of V2. I found out about this server from Chandler (Zabuziah) and I started to play it after I resigned from staff on an old Pixelmon server. I started to get hooked on it when I started to be noticed by the higher ranked people and ended up finally being noticed by Staff. People on the server have started to really make me happy and I started to feel welcomed (totally not Aria). New IGN is Furnoh.
    Hey I've been on for a few months now. I found out about Momento when I met a player from Momento on a different prison server that suggested it to me. I know I won't win or anything but I want to have a little fun and see who wins. Good Luck to All!
    I joined Momento prison 2 months ago and I found it on a website when I entered "prison servers" I found this one and played a little. I enjoyed all my time on Momento :))
    I love this skyblock blue server! You can do so much. More then other servers. This is the best skyblock server i remember.... I'm playing now for 3 months i think. And i support the server :D I hope i'll win this giveaway but i don't think so....
    I joined Momento prison 2 months ago and I found it on a website when I entered "prison servers" I found this one and played a little. I enjoyed all my time on Momento :))
    Let me add a little: I started playing on this server 2 months ago. I enjoyed my time playing on this server. I was very busy getting ranked up on prison and when I got to free I started to talk more in chat and that way I met a lot of new amazing people especially staff members. After playing on this server for a little bit I decided to get myself the Bedrock rank on prison. As I continued playing, I met more and more people at one point when I have finally asked Nallaka how to sign up for staff he told me and that way, that was my first day when I registered to be a New member of the network on this site. I have been member since 2 days and enjoyed it a lot. Now, I don't expect winning anything, I just wanted to point out of how I like this server and how I met my way through of becoming a member on this site. Thanks for noticing me, thanks for all ;) Try to keep up this amazing server, like I said before I did sign up for staff, I don't export getting, I just wanted to be noticed. Thanks for making this server for us! :) peace out
    I play momento since november 2015 first i played skyblock for a while and on 30 januari i start playing prison i really want to something with the giveaway :O. I love momento i think i will never stop play momento xD :)
    I love to play on Momento Prison, I started to play a few weeks ago on SkyBlock Red and i also like it. I realy like to play on Momento. Im very excited by the giveaway.and I would be very happy if I get a Global rank (Omega).

    My IGN is Keukenroll, I started 5 months ago with playing on Momento and i still REALY like to play on MomentoNetwork. :)
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    i am playing on momento for i think 1 year and i thought first that its boring but i realy am hyped for this server now,
    i found this server by a friend i telled him if we can play skyblock and he sayd this was a good server.
    i realy like this server right now and i want to play on it for several years.

    bye, _Yolopotato_
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