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    I'm back with another suggestion! I know it's been awhile but I think this one is really good and a lot of people would love these changes!

    So by now, most people are familiar with /ad. Everyone loves to get it and check their balance with /ad balance, but typing that feels like it takes too long.
    One suggestion is add a command (or shorten it) to /ad bal. I always type /bal to see my balance of ingame money, and when I check my /ad balance, I always catch myself doing /ad bal the first time.

    Another suggestion would be /ad bal <player>. This would allow you to see other people's ad balance so you can make sure you won't be scammed.

    Finally, I am suggesting that a message in chat appears when you get paid ad balance. Everyone does deals for ad bal, and personally, I always spam /ad balance to make sure I was paid. Just like the message that appears after you watch an ad, I think you should get one when you get paid. It would be so nice because it is like when you /pay someone in game money, you like to know how much you paid/got paid. Sorry there isn't much to this post but I hope to see these incorporated.

    Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day/night :).



    Staff member
    With our newest Momento Money plugin, a lot of what you've suggested has been added.
    • Shortened /ad balance command - This is now available as the command /mm bal instead of just the regular /mm balance.
    • Notification of payment - You will now get notified with a message in the chat with how much Momento Money someone has paid you.
    • Ability to see other players MM Balance - Sadly after a long hard think about this we've decided it's not a good idea at this moment to implement this. Although it could help avoid scams, it's more than likely going to become a reason for players to constantly bother and pester players with higher balances.
    Your last suggestion will continue to be looked into, but as of right now this will not be changed. Hopefully, the changes help streamline the experience for all of our community members.

    Thank you for the suggestion!
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