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Global /ad bal changes

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I'm back with another suggestion! I know it's been awhile but I think this one is really good and a lot of people would love these changes!

So by now, most people are familiar with /ad. Everyone loves to get it and check their balance with /ad balance, but typing that feels like it takes too long.
One suggestion is add a command (or shorten it) to /ad bal. I always type /bal to see my balance of ingame money, and when I check my /ad balance, I always catch myself doing /ad bal the first time.

Another suggestion would be /ad bal <player>. This would allow you to see other people's ad balance so you can make sure you won't be scammed.

Finally, I am suggesting that a message in chat appears when you get paid ad balance. Everyone does deals for ad bal, and personally, I always spam /ad balance to make sure I was paid. Just like the message that appears after you watch an ad, I think you should get one when you get paid. It would be so nice because it is like when you /pay someone in game money, you like to know how much you paid/got paid. Sorry there isn't much to this post but I hope to see these incorporated.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day/night :).