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  • Arcanum Permanently Discontinued [10/27/2018]

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    So as you who've followed the cities growth know, this was a off/on project that barely got off the ground. The community just isn't active enough to make this a worth while project to complete and as such I've come to conclude the projects continuation (read the bottom of the thread, good news!)

    What caused it?:
    Well one factor that lead to my own discouragement is the loss of the user Dalek, as people who may know Dalek was the buddy I built with, he was banned (yes I am still salty) for "advertising" using signs. After the loss of my friend I stopped building, and all the times after that I didn't have the needed effort to make any good progress.

    What will happen to the city?:
    As I've stated before I wanted the community to make most of the city and I still do, so I will once a week check this thread for responses and add people to the plot as well as save the plot in /schematic in-case of griefing. So if you want to build on the city be my guest!

    Progress so Far:
    The cities size as of now is 631x631 (6x6 plots) and it's completion is at 50% map size but in detail and furnishing would not exceed 20% in my mind considering a subway was in progress under the city aswell as sewers.

    Credit where Credits Due:
    (The following are names of players that helped a great amount to the city as of now.)
    Numixgaming (Me): I won't toot my horn lol.
    Dalek101302 (Buddy): Oh boy, he was an amazing builder, I would say better then anyone I ever met (well I've met some amazing people sooo, maybe not.) He was my inspiration for my builds and I would presume the same for him. I can't say enough so this is all I'll say now.
    MaggieIsAUnicorn (Fren): Oh boy she was energetic and full of ideas (that needed refining) a good help now and then but I will admit that she was some times a handful xD.
    XxGalaxyToastxX (Sara): My first friend when I joined back (for the 3rd time, I have floated around this server now and then beforehand).

    Where am I now?:
    Depressed as all get out and PC'less, none the matter I come to my public library now so I can get my kicks. I still play Minecraft and I plan to make some ACTUAL maps, stuff people can upload, I joined a community of amazing builders 3 days ago and I hope I can keep up! So yes I am playing on another server. And with actual life issues I just can't keep up with the Momento community.

    News for Arcanum Lovers:
    There's good news for you Arcanum lovers, I am adding people to the plot that want to continue the build! As I've always wanted along, a community project. I will be visiting this thread every week and also will answer to Discord messages (I am on the Momento Discord, I'll put contacts at the bottom of the thread.)

    Personal Note:
    I love this server and will cherish it, I will be spotty with my appearances but I don't plan to forget this place. Thanks for the fun and thanks for the friends.

    Note: Don't spam me, I'll get around to your messages.
    Discord: Numix#5495
    Minecraft: Numixgaming

    This post is useless now, I am just oofed.
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    Took me a while to find some words. I love the build, and the community it gained. I'm honestly going to be sad to see you leaving, and sad to see Arcanum no longer be worked on. Much love.