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  • Creative Be safe from griefers

    Hey I hope this helps people who have troubles with Griefers in the past so here is a guide to stop the griefers!
    1. Never use /plot trust on people you don't know!
    2. Make sure you know them very well and not experienced any greifing from the one you know.
    3. Use /plot remove (username) if you think they are breaking blocks when you don't want them to, unless they are undoing their own work.
    4. Make sure you have not trusted people you don't want to be trust, Check by doing /plot info and if they are trusted and not meant to do /plot untrust.
    5. If you only have added them and not /plot trust them then they can only build on your plot when you are online, but if you are offline they can't build on your plot.
    Hope this Tutorial helped, if i missed any let me know! and i will edit to add missing parts of the guide
    PFadden / IGN: pettyGamingHD <3
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    I always want to know a little bit of the person first, and talk with him / her a couple of days. before I add a person :3