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  • Bye ~Anogoraz


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    Not mine - might post one eventually.
    Everything below here is Anogoraz's words.


    Dear Momento, Ruben here probably going to be one of my last words here on Momento. I don't really know how this is gonna be. If you didn't already know I'm permanently banned from Momento, without any possible chance of an unban. I want one but I fucked it up really badly and ill need to accept it now. So let's talk not about what happened. My time has come I need to say goodbye sadly. These few years of playing Momento were so great especially all the support, gameplay, and the staff team... Sometimes I'll hate staff but even they were good at their job. I wanna thank you all for playing with me or against me, and the people who helped me in my private situation respect for you all.

    I can make now a really big list of people who I need to thank because, of course, I Liked like 90% of the server, like, the old gangs, staff, teams, players from prison, sb and factions, but I won't you know all if ur one of it or not. However, I'm afraid I'm going to forget some people and I don't want that and if you haven't figured out already, it also means I don't really pvp anymore so now you can pvp safely :D

    Guys good luck in your lives and maybe we meet somewhere. if you need me add me on discord Ano #0848.

    Btw Danny sorry what happened to u and the team about this whole bs thing. I really didn't even mean to do it. But it's over now. Pce out, Ano (Ruben).



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    Bye Ruben, I knew you pretty well and you seemed nice in time. Sad that you won’t true to be unbanned but that’s your decision. Stay safe in life bud.
    Goodbye ano it was a great time with you on the network!


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    Sad to see that you got banned, Ano. We were talking with you in a call at the time that you got banned for "Congrats on earning yourself a lifetime ban" and you weren't happy with the ban (Obviously). But we'll keep in touch on Discord and/or Skype.


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    Cya Ruben. Hope to see you somewhere sometime.