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Clarification regarding the rules.


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Recently I have received questions regarding the specifics of the rules, from both players and members of the staff team. To that end, I would like to make a pseudo-official statement to try and clarify a few things in hopes that both players and staff understand the rules a bit better.

The Rules said:
This includes, but is not limited to,
This small phrase appears multiple times throughout the rules and has significant weight behind its meaning. Whenever you see those words, that means that only examples are to follow and what follows is not the definitive list of things for that particular rule. If the rules were to include every single thinkable example for each particular rule, it would take forever to read through them, make enforcing them far more difficult, and only complicate things for everyone. Just keep in mind that if you see that phrase, anything not mentioned, but still classifiable under that topic, is included.

I will edit this post as more come to mind and/or come up.