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    Global Clear inventory

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    The command /ci is listed as a perk in many ranks on different servers and a lot of players think it’s “fun” to tell unknowing players that the command does something it doesn’t do to make them do the command and lose their items. I suggest adding another step when doing the command before it actually clears your inventory. Such as “ do /ci again to confirm you want to clear your inventory”. I’ve had friends lose items and I’ve seen too many people complain about it in chat.

    Thanks for reading!
    For a moment, I thought you were to suggest it be added on all servers. But thankfully no, anyways I love the idea!
    Please! I didn't know what /ci did and deleted my 200 pickaxe on the day of the prison reset because I didn't know better. Sure that's my fault, but at the same time, it would be nice to have a warning for players like me that paid actual money for something and lost it because they didn't know better.
    What if you just, remove it entirely? thinks
    I was thinking of suggesting the /disposal command instead which opens a chest GUI, you put items in and it subsequently gets deleted when closed, but they probably added /ci for a reason. Disposal is safer but may not be an option.
    Honestly I use /ci sometimes to get rid of stuff I don't need, but I wish we could make a sign that says [Disposal] so anyone at your island/plot/whatever server you play on can just right click it and delete things, but maybe make the ability to make disposal signs donor ranks only? Just an idea


    Staff member
    A confirmation step has been added a short while ago, you now need to do it twice withing 5 seconds. Thanks for the suggestion
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