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Community Help Section

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Community Help Section
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There are several reasons as to why I think there should be a help section on the forums and they benefit both players and staff members.
If everything was collected under one section, help, it would be easier to moderate, easier to find for players and easier to keep organized.

A help section would keep everything at the same spot so it would be easier for players to look back at old posts as well to see if the
same questions have been asked before.

Yes, I know. A Help section isn't already on the forums probably because it was decided against at some point.
I think it was decided against because it would be considered messy, but I believe I have a few good ideas to keep it organized,
easier to manage and more helpful to players.

Making A Post
All posts under Help would need to have a prefix selected that refers to the gamemode the post is being made about.
If there is no specific gamemode the post is being made about, the prefix could be "Global" or "General"
An open post option(no format) is the best choice in my opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some believe that this would produce a lot of posts because not all players have the same knowledge, but that can be avoided.
Either a single post named frequently asked questions, or a few posts dedicated to different topics could be made. (making this a sticky post)
(In the single FAQ post it should be listed by general questions and then gamemodes)

One single post:


Q. I donated and I didn't receive my item/rank, who can help me?
A. Send an email to [email protected]

Q. Someone griefed me on Towny, who can help me?
A. Contact a staff member when you see them online, or make a player report!

Q. Why didn't I win the word reaction? :(
A. The plugin is cAsE-SenSeTiVe and it's often slow in displaying the winner of the reaction.


Or several posts dedicated to the most important questions.

Though I think the FAQ post is a better choice!

Common Knowledge
In a community like this, there are players that have different levels of experience both on the forums and in game, different knowledge of events, and different knowledge of existing issues/bugs. Therefore staff isn't really needed to answer ALL the posts made under Help. Because anyone can comment on these posts, it's highly likely that a lot of players would already know the answers to the questions being asked and they'd be able to help if there isn't any staff on. Then, as questions get answered and threads are resolved, the staff would be able to mark those posts as such.

Personally I would like to see this added to the forums but I understand if it isn't!
Feel free to leave opinions down below. Pros and Cons!


(I'd personally volunteer to write the FAQ post)

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This would be very helpful! I've had to ask most of my questions in the discord, but not everyone has discord.