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    Coming from the general players stand point I think that this server MomentoNetwork needs to come up with something unique for prison for more players to want to play it. I have a few suggestions however all of them may not be applicable to this server or may be very time consuming. I think we need to add Master prestige which u become when you hit prestige 100. Then you can turn that Master prestige into M1(Master Prestige 1) and Then have Prestige level(0-99) next to that. So lets say if this was me it'd look something like this - (M2) P(30) Highcaliberss<Coal> that would mean I'm prestige 230. Another Feature I think they should add is prestige mines that you grant access to when you hit a certain prestige. Lemme know your guys thoughts!!!!!
    I agree that prison needs some way of getting more players involved in it but I don’t see your points in which prison will spark in population and that 40-50+ players would be playing at one point. Also having: M3 P99 [Name] [Rank] seems very long when u could just have what it is now. I don’t see this working in any shape or form.


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    shoulda added this to suggestions instead of just prison