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  • Count to 150 without a staff member interrupting

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    The title pretty much explains it all. Everyone posts one number at a time (you can't post two in a row) and see if you can get to 150 without a staff member having an urge to restart the count. If you do happen to be a staff member you can cancel the count by posting "Restart!" at any time you would like. That doesn't mean staff members cannot help the count as well however; they can still continue the count just like everyone else would. If we do happen to get to 150 we can, of course, restart the game but that may be a little harder than you think.

    I'll start the count:


    Good luck everyone, and have fun!


    Staff member
    We already have practically the same game on the forums, and it is extremely popular. You can find that here.
    Will be locking this, as it is not needed.
    Not open for further replies.