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    Staff member
    Hey guys, you might notice in the hub that creative has been brought back. This has been done because quite a few people have been asking for it recently and while we had removed it for what we thought were valid reasons before, removing it did not have any effect on the playerbase so we don't see any reason to not bring it back for those who want it.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    - There are no donor ranks for the time being and I'm not sure if there will ever be any as they are not really beneficial at this size/time. That being said almost everyone already got refunded for their ranks when we first closed creative down so I've deleted those old ranks.
    - Everyone starts with a max of 4 plots, each plot being 300x300 if needed we will give you guys more over time.
    - I have kept it very barebones, no crazy flashy features (not that creative is usually fancy) and my goal was to give non donors/everyone access to all the basic unrestricted creative features such as worldedit and voxelsniper.

    I know this is not anything crazy but hopefully for those that wanted creative, its what you've needed :)
    i hereby swear undying fealty to the one and only Danny, who will guide me in my times of great need. I will, as a condition of my fealty, build him as many towny spawns as he’d like.


    Formerly known as xShft_
    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while, great to see come back thanks Danny


    Formerly known as DerpyEagle_
    Thanks Danny! Too bad I can’t see it’s first day for I am getting back home in a day or two. Look forward to seeing it when I return to my home!