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    Hey guys, some of the current staff have decided to go through a review our pinned "help" threads so we can keep them up to date. If you have any questions or anything to add please do comment and we will update this thread and try and help you!

    Plot Questions;

    Q: How do I get my own plot?
    A: You can either use the command "/p auto" or teleport to the plot world and find a plot you like (that's not taken), stand on it and type "/p claim".

    Q: How do I get back to my own or someone else's plot?
    A: Simple, all you need is one command. The command "/p h" can be used on its own to teleport you to your own plot, and if you have multiple you can add a number on to the end to teleport to the designated one. In the case of teleporting to someone else's plot, all you have to do is add their IGN to the end of the command!

    Q: I'd like to claim more plots, how can I do that?
    A: To claim more plots you need to either own a rank or purchase additional plots. All ranks come with a certain amount of extra plots you can claim, for example, Hero rank lets you claim up to an additional 5 plots while Master rank lets you claim up to an additional nine plots. You can purchase a rank here. Additionally, you can purchase extra plots themselves here.

    Q: How do I merge my plots?
    A: First of all, you have to claim two plots next to each other (Either to the North, South, East or West), and then face in the direction of one plot to the other, and execute the command /p merge. It will merge the plots together to grant you a larger area of space to work with. This will also work with other players, as it will send them a merge request.

    Q: How can I allow other people to build on my plot?
    A: To add a player who you would not trust to build when you're offline, or to use World Edit please use "/p add <IGN>". If you trust the player to build both while you are offline and online, and would like to allow them to use World Edit you should use "/p trust <IGN>".

    Q: How do I find the commands for the plots?
    A: Do /p help all [Page number], and you will see all the commands you need there.

    Q: How do I donwload my plot?
    A: Since the "/plot download" command doesn't function, you are able to use the World Edit command: "//download" as a replacement. This will in-return create a link, which you can click to download your schematic. You must be the plot owner to perform this command.

    General Questions;

    Q: How do I get furniture?
    A: To get the furniture you must do "/furniture list", and from there you may click on the arrows, to search for the furniture item you are looking for! Once you have found an item you want, click on the name of the item, and it will grant you with a nether star. Place this anywhere on your plot, for where you desire it to go, and it will appear.

    Q: Do I require any texture packs for the furniture?
    A: No. The furniture is made from vanilla Minecraft resources.

    Q: What is World Edit, and how do I use it?
    A: World Edit is a tool where you can select one point, and another to where you may easily make blocks appear in an area of your own selection. To get the World Edit tool, do //wand. In this spoiler named 'Selection', I will show you how to make a selection with the world edit tool, and set the area to a specified block you'd like. Simply click on the link, which will send you to a gif, where I demonstrate how to use World edit to make a selected area turn into blocks of your desire.
    To make a selection, simply left click on one point, and right-click on another to create two points of selection. From here you can edit this selection to your heart's desire. If you wish to replace blocks you should use "//replace", or if you wish to set the blocks you should use "//set".

    Q: How do I create a Warp?
    A: All you need to do to create a warp is to type "/setwarp <warp name>". This should be automatically accessible to all other players. Please note that players without ranks only have the ability to create one custom warp.

    Q: How do I teleport to my friends?
    A: To teleport to others you can do "/tpa <IGN>", and tell them to do /tpaccept. You will then be teleported to the person you wish to be teleported to upon their acceptance.

    Q: What Versions can I play Creative on?
    A: Any version from 1.8 - 1.13.1 can be used to play on creative, although on some versions you may be more likely to be missing features or experiencing bugs.

    Q: How do I get a player head/custom heads?
    A: To get a specific players head you can use "/heads get <IGN>", and to see our custom heads in a handy GUI you can just use "/heads" as a standalone command.

    Q: I found an inappropriate build/plot, what should I do?
    A: As for all rule breaking, you can report it on the forums here

    Rank Questions;

    Q: How do I change my nickname?
    A: To create a new nickname you must own either the Creative rank Hero or above, or the global rank Sigma or above. You can purchase these on the store here.
    To create a nickname, do the command /nick and put whatever text you'd like.
    &0 - Black
    &1 - Dark Blue
    &2 - Dark Green
    &3 - Dark Aqua
    &4 - Dark Red
    &5 - Dark Purple
    &6 - Gold
    &7 - Grey
    &8 - Dark Grey
    &9 - Indigo
    &a - Green
    &b - Aqua
    &c - Red
    &d - Pink
    &e - Yellow
    &f - White
    &k - Magic (This shows a character that keeps changing to a different letter constantly)
    &l - Bold
    &m - Strike Through
    &n - Underlined
    &o - Italic

    Q: How do I change my Chat Colour?
    A: You need to have either the Global Rank Lambda or above for this feature, or a Creative server rank. You can buy either of the above here. To change chat color all you need to do is type "/chatcolor". From here you can either left-click the color you'd like or right-click it (depending on your rank) to customize it with either a bold, italic or underlined look.