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    Creative Reset


    Staff member
    Hey guys, as the title indicates, this thread is about the impending creative reset. Our creative server has been in need of some "lovin" and we've decided to work on a reset that would feature things that would entice players to play more and work towards actual goals instead of simply building. All of the important details can be found below:

    New Spawn

    Rankup system based on build sumissions judged by special judges
    You will be able to submit your plot (individual or merged) for rating by staff, they can rate it from 0/10 on terrain, structures and organics. Each rank will have different criterias based on the final score you need to progress onto the next rank. Here's a little peek at what the /build command looks like:

    Here is what submitting a plot looks like: Link to vid

    Once submitted you can see if you pass or not using /build feedback:

    Bug fixes, updates in general
    As with every reset, we've gone and updated all the plugins and stuff we could and we have also changed most of the messages to make them look more uniform.

    Donor rank buffs
    The current donor ranks do not give as much stuff as they could so we've gone ahead and made them better by adding stuff (you will only see the update on the store later).

    Personal player worlds
    People who reach the last rank on /build will be eligible to have their own world along with certain donor groups. This will be a regular world with a set border size which you can use to build whatever you want on. You can even control who can teleport to it, build on it or use worldedit on it. The command to see world stuff is /ws.

    And more!
    You will have to see the rest for yourself ;)

    I will be taking creative down at midnight EST this Friday the 8th. The server will be back Saturday at 2pm EST.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you creative peeps will like this update!


    Well-Known Member
    Looks super cool, I'm hyped!


    Formerly known as xShft_
    Very nice, defo going to try come on and check this out


    Active Member
    Wow, this will indeed attract more attention to players! I'm extremely hyped for this reset!
    danny, this reset is going to be so awesome. I'm super hyped up for all of the new things. the new spawn is SO. DAMN. COOL. the ranking and judging will also be fun to do, that's gonna be interesting for sure. this will bring a lot more attention to Creative - I know I'll be there a lot. can't wait to see it :)


    Formerly known as 0eroTimesNow
    I really like this reset. Because of these new features. Can't wait


    Staff member
    This sounds so cool! I like the sound of these new ranks, adds a whole new aspect to creative. Definitely what it needed, I can't wait!