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  • Describe your ex with a song title


    Formerly known as BigLadJohn
    Dont know if this game already exists !!!

    The game is simple just describe your ex with a song title

    Mine is: Bad chick


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    Already been made, will probably get moved.


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    Depends on which ex monkaS

    Most recent one was probably: "Guys My Age" by Hey Violet
    I haven't seen my ex since we broke up
    Probably 'cause he didn't wanna grow up
    Now I'm out and wearing something low-cut
    'Bout to get attention from a grownup

    'Cause you hold me like a woman
    In a way I've never felt before
    And it makes me wanna hold on
    And it makes me wanna be all yours

    My last girlfriend was probably: "Rich White Girls" by mansionz
    Rich white girls
    All I'm doing is wasting my time chasing rich white girls, yeah
    All they do is bitch and they whine
    So tell me what could I give you that your daddy can't give you?
    Baby, what could I give, to a rich white girl?
    They only love me when I pay 'em no mind

    The one that hurt the most was probably: "sex" by EDEN
    "You said it meant nothing,
    And I should've kept my silence
    But I guess I'm too attached to my own pride to let you know
    That all these words meant nothing
    And I've always been this heartless
    And we're just having sex, no, I would never call it love"

    Overall, "Break" by I See Stars is a good show of how it felt.
    Did your heart let someone in now
    Always waking in your sleep
    Your mind’s so sick of always asking how
    I always end up cutting deep
    I’m standing out here in the rain
    The whole damn world has gone insane
    There’s only so much my mind can take
    Your heart’s about to break
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