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  • Dj is back :D

    This will not be a whole new introduction, but more to explain that I am back

    • why was I gone?
    • why am I back again?
    • what am I going to play again?

      Why was I gone?

      06-05-2018, I started playing Fortnite. I liked it and started playing more. Minecraft I did not like that much anymore, I left without saying anything. I was done with Minecraft, I wanted something new. I played so much Fortnite and also bought a lot. After all those updates, I do not like it anymore. So I started playing Minecraft again.

      Why am I back again?
      Why I came back is actually pretty simple, I did not like Fortnite anymore. I still play with some friends, but not so much anymore. When I started again two weeks ago, I just felt the Minecraft feeling that was back. I also gave my computer an update with a better Graphics Card so I got more FPS on the server. Many of my friends were still online so that's fun too.

      What am I going to Play again?
      Many people see me often in Prison, I also have a lot of ranks, but sins 2019 I can also be seen in factions, I love to play Prison and Factions. Building things and speak together

      I'm your Dj and I'm back, back on MomentoNetWork
    Whether you stay or not, it's great to see you've made a return to Momento. Whatever you decide to do I hope you feel it's the best decision heading forward. See you around! :)
    Welcome back! Just a question... what do you play the most? Eg. Prison, Skyblock... But anyway, I'm Pop!