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  • Skyblock Easier step by step tutorial?

    A Step by step tutorial on how to start for skyblock, we get a lot of new payers asking how to make money, easier access to a help guide of some form, ik there is one on here but like who reads forums now?...


    Staff member
    Silly question, but where else would we possibly have a guide written out? We did make a tutorial island this season too, with the intent of helping people. I'd love to make information more accessible, but I'd like insight.


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    Staff member
    Senior Mod
    but like who reads forums now?..
    Anybody that's capable of reading English fluently and wishes to progress smoothly and waste less time in trial-and-error phases on their own. People who are legitimately curious about how things are done read the forums. The only people that don't really read the forums are snarky, oh-so-witty new members that have no idea what's really going on. You could always help those mentioned players along by telling them how/where to find the guides we already have and, in the event you find a guide is incorrect, you could always try posting a correction to that thread or posting your own guide, but, who would read it, right?