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  • Eloy's come back.

    Whatsupp, I never expected that I gonna make this post, but here is the post lmao.
    Anyways, im comming back I think. Many people asked me to come back and stuff, so I made the conclusion that I come back. I know my English is really bad its because I haven't spoken English anymore since I quitted xD. In short: Im comming back so im every day 45mins/1 hour online.
    Ciao and see you in game!


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    You should really try out Prison PvP ;) PvP isn't the best but it's kinda fun again. Welcome back btw, Eloy!

    Deleted member 3339

    Welcome back! :)


    Well-Known Member
    Welcome back, Eloy! Enjoy your stay here, again


    Formerly known as xGumball
    Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay once again <3