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  • Skyblock Envoys on Skyblock


    New Member
    I feel envoys take too long to come and when they do the small area with very minimal chests spawn. I think they should come earlier like maybe every 1-2 hours have a few more chests and maybe a bigger arena if possible. Thank you :D
    I agree with this. The envoys are a great way to get some pvp action, which is kinda rare in skyblock. In my opinion the envoy should be there every 2 hours as I think every hour would be overkill. I also think that the current pvp arena is kinda weird as you can jump off the edge, fall in the cobweb and wait for your combat timer to run out. I guess a solution for that would be to bring the walls back.
    i also agree with this, every 2 hours would be great. and maybe up the prices?? because we are in a place in the game where 5k does nothing. i was thinking maybe have 2 chest that give 1 cent ad balance? since everyone wants ad. then there are more people at envoy and more pvp
    and i also agree with bring the walls back
    i think a bigger arena (if you want to call it that) is needed, there is no place to run to so you have no chance if someone is chasing you and ender pearls dont work because of it


    New Member
    also i was thinking, maybe add exp if possible ?
    I agree with you guys.
    ~Maybe a new chest in envoy? With a small spawn rate that gives: thermospheric key or exospheric key?