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    I think it would be a great idea to organize some special events to the server, such as Friday nights or a monthly event where players can compete for prizes like ad or paypal. In my opinion it would be a great way for the Momento community to play together on these events, and bring the players from different gamemodes together. I also think that it could attract new players to the server.
    A few ideas for possible events could be:
    -Hunger games
    Yess! I would love this! I know it would take a ton of time to organize this, so maybe weekly isn't the best option, but once every couple weeks would be a lot of fun! I would be happy to help out if I could be a part of making this happen.:p


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    Tbh, there hasn't been an event since March, so I like this. +1 (Might be wrong tho)
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    I really like the idea of having events.
    I'm not sure who's doing the events since its used to be mama could be kari.
    I think you don't need a set time for the events like monthly/weekly but just make them random


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    I too would like to see this, I made a post like this one and danny's response was "Thanks for the suggestion, hopefully we will host new events sometime soon". That was 2 months ago so we probably won't see something like this for a while.