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    Hey, here is a brief list of some changes to factions for the new season:
    • Added crop hoppers back, a new a more efficient system. Same as before where every hopper is a crop hopper and grabs any cactus dropped in its chunk.
    • Removed the 10 second tp delay, the combat tag should be enough.
    • Horizontal gen buckets will now gen 64 blocks long instead of 10.
    • Removed user balances from FTOP. Now only placed blocks & spawners will count.
    • There is now a rule against having claimed walls wider than 20 chunks. Offenders will have their bases cleared by staff.
    • Made hoppers transfer more items per time they tick.
    • Removed the lightning custom enchant as it was being abused.
    • Fixed envoy spawn locations.
    • Added a limit of 200 spawners per spawner stack to reduce some potential lag.
    • etc..

    Quick reminder that the launch of this new season is this friday the 5 march at 4pm EST, 3pm EST for omega ranked players! See you on!
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