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  • Factions Reset (Season 8)


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    Hey guys, as you might have noticed the factions server has been down since the last season ended (January 1). We have been working on fixing some bugs and changing stuff. This season will contain minor visual changes but a good few fixes behind the scenes. Here is a short list of some changes:
    • Yet another attempt at making TNT behave properly
    • Changed individual faction power from 20 to 30 but changed the max members per factions to 20. This should allow smaller factions to have a better chance.
    • Removed TNT from envoys so you get money and keys now.
    • Put a cap on McMMO skills to prevent them from getting out of hand.
    • Made the auto kick from faction be 30 days instead of 10.
    • Fixed it so you can open chests in enemy territory.
    • Made spawner drop chance from explosions 100%.
    • Changed mob/spawner stacking system to a new one without limits that also stacks items on the ground (like skyblock).
    • Removed obsidian regeneration.
    • Changed factions fork, we're now using a fancier factions plugin and you will see that as you play. Use /f help to see the new commands.
    • Better gen bucket system.
    • Added cooldowns on teleports.
    • & More.

    The release will be this friday the 4 of January at 4pm EST. Omega will get 1h of pre-access (so they can join starting 3pm EST). Cya there.
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    Love it. Have fun and good luck to everybody who will be contesting f top next season! ;)
    Looking forwards to this next faction season now! Lovely updates and fixes. Can't wait to view how the TNT mechanics work.