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Factions Reset


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Hey guys, the factions reset is due and will be live this friday the 4th of December at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas). For this season we have a few requested changes and also a few controversial ones.

First and foremost I want to apologize for the delay and lack of information regarding this reset, the person in charge of it has resigned mid way thru it so I have to figure out what all is left.

That being said, I will be changing the server back to longer seasons as we do not have nearly enough active players to make it super competitive. Prizes will also be removed until further notice.

My goal will be to move the servers back to casual style gameplay when they reset. That was my plan a few months ago but I backtracked because the playercounts were dropping but as it turns out, bringing prizes back did not help, like at all.

My goal is not to take all the fun out of playing, simply to keep the server sustainable and provie a fun experience for all. People knew how to have fun in mc way before people competed for prizes.

Alright, here are the key factions changes:

  • Removal of ftop prizes.
  • Changing back to long term seasons, no set resets.
  • Updated cannoning jar, should fix a few bugs and run smoother.
  • The rest is mainly little bug fixes and optimizations.

Thanks for reading and see you on!
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