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Factions Rules


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1. No glitch raiding, this includes enderpearls, boats, /back or any of the sort to glitch into someones base.

2. No completely blocking off/surrounding/watering spawners. Spawners must be raidable. Offending factions will be disband. This also includes fully stringing your base.

3. 20 chunks/160 walls is maximum wall protection from each base side. Offending Bases will have offending walls or possibly whole base deleted.

4. Only 1 corner is allowed to be claimed by a single faction. No multiple corners. Offending factions will be disbanded.

5. All cannons are ok, so long as the server doesn't stop it, its permissible. However no bedrock breakers!

6. No alt factions

7. No boosting is allowed between factions. This includes giving money and spawners. Anything that could boost another faction into an f top position. Offending factions will be disqualified from the competition as well as have their faction disbanded.
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