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With a new season of factions coming soon, I want to make my list of suggestions, I would like to thank lolzzz on the discord for giving me the idea and allowing me to elaborate on his suggestions.

1. The first suggestion I have it to bring back the spawn that I believe was used in Season 1 and 2. This season's spawn wasn't the best in the world and I believe it is why pvp died fairly quickly. With the summer coming, there should be many new players to fill up the big spawn. Also, leave the KOTH in the same spot as before as I personally think it was really well placed. I completely understand that it may have been big but it really encouraged pvp because of its setup as well as some of the reasons I will list below.

2. Next, you should keep custom enchants on the server and leave it how it is, this season you did a perfect job of making books not too easy but also not too hard to get and there were perfect enchants with the exception that you should bring back HellForged since there is no ./fix :).

3. Bring back envoys and bosses, again with the rising playerbase in the summer, there will be more people to attend events like this and won't be one sided like in Season 2. Also, envoy was a great way for beginning players to be able to get items etc. without getting destroyed by higher up players. Going onto bosses, they were a great way for allies to work together and actually brought a point to allies and both of these encouraged pvp and kept factions as well as a grinding game, a pvp game.

4. Maybe add like a Sharpness 6 sword to the Legendary Crate which could make buying keys more popular than it already is.

Honestly, this season was entertaining as in spawners and grinding but the problem that mainly killed this season was TNT mechanics which I am glad are being fixed and pvp which I believe can definitely be fixed with more players coming in the summer. Anyways, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments and I'll add them if I like them, thanks for reading! ;)


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Dang. All these should be added. At least I hope they do. I would enjoy all so +100 love it