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  • Frituurfiets

    Hey, my name is frituurfiets as you can obviously tell from my forum name.
    I am not a very new player but not very old because i joined like 1/2 weeks ago.
    I like to hang out with friends in real life and i like to play Minecraft when i have some free time, you might've seen me online.
    I only play Skyblock Nebula at this moment but i'm always in for a challenge (Joining the other skyblock), i hope to see you online soon!


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    Hey frituurfiets,
    Nice to meet you!
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    Nice to meet you frituurfiets, hope I see you in skyblock sometime!
    Hi Frituurfiets, (what does your name mean?) welcome to the forums (if you're new.)
    Hi I'm Poppy!
    Hey frituurfiets. How tf did you make your name lmao i mean its original