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  • FTOP Winners & Next Season

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    Hey guys, here are the winners of factions S6

    The faction leaders will be PM'd on forums, if you were not pm'd within 24 hours, make sure to register and PM me about it.

    The next season will launch friday the 28th at 3pm EST. It features a bunch of optimizations, cannon and printer fixes. Cya there.

    Please note that for the upcoming season, the same person will not be allowed to win multiple ftop prizes, we will do deep checks to make sure.
    Gratz to all the top factions!
    I hope I can be on on Friday tho
    Global: beta
    Prison: Obsidian
    Skyblock: Skylegend
    Factions: none
    Towny: none
    Creative: None


    Formerly known as Darko1000
    Those people did really good work for in the top... But i don't really know why they're doing that...
    So yeah... Have fun everyone that is on the factions top! ;)
    Not open for further replies.