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    Well-Known Member
    Hey guys! It's Maart and even though I don't really play anymore, I still wanted to make a guide for the active ball pit members (old joke lol).

    So, some people know I have a big plot on Creative. (/warp melcaccecity), and I want to help you on how to get your plot(s) noticed!

    1. Make a warp with an easy name.
    People will forget a name easily if the name is very hard and long to spell.
    If you're going to make a city called New York, name the warp /warp NYC or /warp NYcity.
    People will easily remember that name, plus it's easily accesable.
    2. Host activities/events.
    By hosting activities/events your plot will easily be noticed if people are interested in that sort of event.
    If you host this often, then people will surely remember the warp to come participate in that event.
    3. Ad4Ad.
    If you know someone else with an amazing plot, try to deal with them, say that if you advertise their
    plot from time to time, they'd have to do so too with your plot. People who tend to visit their plot more
    often will see the advertisement (of some sort) and check out your plot.
    4. Ranks.
    Although it sounds hella unfair, and I know it does, but, people with a rank tend to be more noticable
    in chat, due to the colours and generally good looking tags (To my Legend homies ;)).
    4.5. Colours!
    Let me give you an example, say in your head what's more noticable:
    [Builder] BottledCakes: Hey! Come check out my warp /warp melcaccecity!
    Legend] BottledCakes: Hey! Come check out my warp /warp melcaccecity!

    I mean... ; )

    5. Old fashion way; Forums.
    Ofcourse, you can obviously advertise your plot on the forums, as easy as that. Take some pictures
    and include the warp.

    Hope this guide helped people out a bit who were struggeling to be noticed!

    xx Maart


    Formerly known as Thomasmcx
    This is really nice and helpful Maart, thank you so much for posting this!


    Formerly known as Shxde_
    Nice post! I'll use the 3th one for sure, thanks! :)


    Well-Known Member
    Thanks Maart for this very useful guide about Creative. Going to use some things when I will bop on and build some stuff.


    Formerly known as WutsThis
    Or be the complete best staff member ever so people follow you around and go wherever you go. That too.


    Well-Known Member
    Oh, and another thing: If you have any more tips on how to get noticed, make sure to tell me and I'll add them to the guide!


    Formerly known as dadway
    Whenever I play creative, I will use this guide. Thank you Maart!
    I think the first one is noticable ;p

    [Builder] BottledCakes: Hey! Come check out my warp /warp melcaccecity!