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    Formerly known as 1stMarin
    Hi, I'm Marin.


    Here's a few uninteresting facts about me:

    I was born in Moldova. Moved to Ireland at the age of 1 year. I still remember the story being told to me as if it were dinnertime.

    I am currently 18 years of age while typing this up. Yes, I am legal to do everything, in Ireland anyway.

    I am not doing anything interesting with my life just about yet. Studying the course Creative Digital Media in college and I am finding it extremely fun.

    I adore the colours purple, pink and a lightish grey. I am fluent in 3 languages, with the basic knowledge of 2 others. I can speak English, Moldovan and Romanian fluently. Irish and Russian words float my tiny mind like asteroids in space.

    I used to have a budgie named Ricky. He sadly passed away after staying with us for 2 consecutive years. Ricky has flown out of the house this one time but got attacked by another bird and was left traumatised for 4 months before he passed. I used to adore dogs, prefered them over cats anyday. But now my views on that have changed. I ended up becoming a cat person because of the influence of my girlfriend. The plan is that we move in together and we adopt one, or two.

    I would have to say that "whoa" by XXXTentacion is my top song of all time. "Arms Around You" would definitely fall in second place. I am into literally every genre of music if I enjoy the song itself. If the song does not appeal to my ears, I simply do not listen.

    I stand up at a solid 5'7". Not very tall for my age considering every 12 year old here already reached 6 foot. Why are my parents midgets? I am very much into aesthetic pictures, gif video images are my favourite kind of format and I drink about 9 bottles of water a day. I am also SO blessed to have the literal best girlfriend any man could ever ask for. I am a lucky sack of crap and I don't know how you put up with me.

    That's about it. If you want to know anything more about me, feel free to add me on discord, handle is marin#0069.
    See you in-game!
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    Very nice introduction, Marin, I also enjoy purple as a color :p and XXXTentacion as an artist


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    Wow everyone is upping their game with these intros. I had no idea you spoke any language other than English so that's cool. I'm also a proud member of the water gang, would definitely die without it.
    Nice to know more about you, Marin! Extremely creative intro!