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Guardian Farm Not Working :O

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So i recently cleaned out a water temple and got it ready to make a farm but then realized that no guardians were spawning, i thought it might be due to the location so i went and found another one, but the same thing happened, no guardians in sight.

I had a look here and there on the internet but couldn't really find anything for it so i was wondering if someone could help me out please either by leaving a comment below or messaging me in-game when ever you see me online (in game name is Tpfedke1Gaming)
Some quick tips for you ;

Guardians will need darkness just like any other hostile mob.

Make sure to extend all areas ( North, south , east, west , as well as above and below) at least 4-5 blocks. its alot of work in a survival based , but use leaves to do this. it tricks the game in a way that doesn't spawn mobs but takes into consideration there (x) amount of blocks, so there should be (x) amount of mobs.

Make sure to start the mobs at @ y 46 to increase drops.

  • Layer 1 - Solid Block
  • Layer 2 - Water Source
  • Layer 3 - Water Source
  • Layer 4- Sign / or Fence

But if you need an easier way to follow I highly recommend Gnembon. Go check him out,