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  • [Guide] How to get Staff!

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    How to get Staff
    Written and Edited by Eniiko

    Step 1: Realize it's not that easy and you've been tricked by this title.
    Step 2: Come to the realization that by clicking this thread you assumed it was that easy.
    Step 3: Read this guide with the intent to apply for staff.

    How to Apply for Staff

    Alright, so what now?
    Well, chances are you clicked this thread hoping to become a staff member. That's amazing and the staff team loves it when people take an interest in joining the team and working among them. In fact, we encourage it! But players seem to be in a bit of a funk... No sense of direction, ay? Not to worry. I'll help you meet all the requirements when it comes to trying to become a full-fledged helper. You'll be writing a beautiful application in no time! This guide was made with the sole purpose to get the attention of members who are willing to put them patience and effort into becoming staff.. or just people with the interest in becoming one!

    I mean you clicked this thread, didn't you?

    Hellu, I am snek. I will be helping today.
    Step 1: Meet the requirements.
    - 5 Days on the forums.
    - 5 Posts on the forums.
    - 15 Days in-game.
    - Active on all servers.
    Join the Discord!

    First off, you should already have a forums account if you're trying to become a staff member. You should always apply in the early week as we accept/deny all applications on Friday. Tip: Always give the staff a lot of time to judge your character.
    When making your forum posts be sure to actually post useful, informative, and on-topic posts. You can report hackers/rule breakers, Join in on forum games, make a guide like this one, make suggestions, start conversations, etc. There are plenty of ways of getting these posts. Do not farm for them. We will know. It looks really bad in your expense and it can even ruin your chances of being accepted if you join the forums, wait 5 days, and then spam a bunch of posts. 5 Posts is a MINIMUM requirement. You should honestly already have 5 posts on the forums. It shows us you know the layout and how to use it. We like people who are involved.
    Make sure you will have free time in your schedule before you make your application. You will be needed to be active nearly every day and have reasons for not being on for more than 2 days at a time. This may be volunteer work but it's a daily task.

    Step 2: Apply.
    - 150 Words required for your explanations.
    - Discord & Forums activity.
    - Clean(ish) punishment History.
    - Well known.

    - Read these: Rules
    - Use this: Grammarly

    Okay, so you have all your requirements. You're old enough to have a discord (13+) and you have everything ready to go. You're active in all the game modes, made a ton of awesome friends, and you've got enough Forum activity to actually click the "Apply for Staff" button. Go back to step 1 if you don't see this magic button. You've skipped a step, my friend.

    Firstly, there isn't a required age for your application. But there is a required level of maturity. If you're immature and have broken more than a few rules in your time... You clearly don't have an understanding of the server rules and how it operates. We need people who know the rules to moderate the chat! So how do you check if you've been naughty or nice?

    Hey! Check your history!
    Click the link above and just enter your name to check!

    If you're unsure what a staff application should look like.. Go look at the accepted applications! See why staff vouched for them. DO NOT steal from already accepted apps... But taking inspiration is a good idea. While you're at this step be sure to be well known by players and staff alike... We need to know who you are before you can put on that pretty pink Helper tag! Say hello! Start up a pleasant conversation! Perhaps make a trade? Maybe even host an event on your favourite server! Do something to make yourself stand out in a positive light. But remember, do not ever lie on your application to make yourself more likable. This includes age.
    Make sure you meet the word requirements and take your time when applying for this! It's important you read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability so the staff team can get a better idea of who you are and how much you can bring to the team. If you don't fill it out correctly you could be denied... But what's most important is that you take your time and re-read what you've written. We pay attention to spelling mistakes, grammar, and how you form your sentences. It's best to not ramble or use any filler when writing your application.

    Step 3: Be patient.

    That's it. That's all you have to do.
    Your application will be denied if you ask about it. We will see it, I promise you. You do not need to tell the staff to look at it or ask if they have. We look at ALL applications. You will be instantly denied. There are literally no exceptions to this rule. Also, do not go out of your way to mini-mod while waiting to be accepted or denied. It will not only annoy the staff but if you're not informed or correctly taught how to handle those questions or situations... You can confuse members and make the job harder on the staff that has to deal with that confused member. Misinformation isn't a nice thing. Just sit back, and relax. You can only apply a number of times so I hope you wrote a good one. While you're waiting you might as well catch up on the forums/discord. Have a chat.
    Please don't assume this guide will get you staff by default. This is just a guide on how to make an awesome application and meet the requirements to submit one. My honest advice is to be patient and wait to apply if you're new to the server. There is no easy way to get staff.

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    Hellu, I am crab. Please leave a reaction if you liked this guide.
    Good luck on your application.


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    Great post Eniiko! This really needed to be made, since I constantly get asked questions about this. Just being able to link a forum post will be a lot easier and more informative. Also, if any of you that are looking to apply for staff have any further questions just PM one of us on the team and we'd be happy to help answer them!
    This is absolutely and explicitly well-written, many applicants usually tend to not follow the requirements of applying for staff. Now since this is posted, people can take a glimpse at this guide and take their time to read it. I was honestly not actually expecting this to be posted either. As Shopz said, we are available for any questions able to be answered!
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    Hey Eniiko! Very informatice and useful post, I must applaud you!
    I have two questions, however-
    Is having a mic/ being available to talk with staff a requirement?
    2. When you say cleanish history, I’d like to think you’d look over things like chat warnings?

    I’m sorry if these questions seem stupid to you- I’ve never really applied anywhere else.


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    Is having a mic/ being available to talk with staff a requirement?
    It's preferred, but not required. You don't need to talk in voice chat at all as staff.
    2. When you say cleanish history, I’d like to think you’d look over things like chat warnings?
    We can overlook spam related warnings if they're old. We wouldn't however, overlook things like racism mutes or bans (unless you have valid proof that you're different).
    Alright. Luckily I’m not a racist, then! Thanks for taking the time to reply :)


    Formerly known as 1stMarin
    great. i'll be applying sometime soon then


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    Thank you to everyone who voted on this. <3
    Aww Eniiko! This is so cute and so informative. I'm absolutely sure this will help anyone with future applications.
    I think my tactic works best
    Step 1: Copy 1 word around 150 times
    Step 2: People upvote my application I spent hours on
    Step 3: The owner says "Yes" so I get the position
    Step 4: Flex on y'all


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    Quick reminder: Reports do not count towards your 5 forum messages required for applying.
    Great job!! This is vary helpful a lot of members. A lot of people have many questions and I think this clears things up vary well btw I love the snails :D