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  • Hello! I’m Bejovang.

    Im Bejovang (Tim) and i live in The netherlands, im 12 years old and my birthday is at 29 of december. I am in the second class of high school. I like to play minecraft and play it every day. I play factions and skyblock (factions on a different server) i play baseball and I am doing it for 5 years now. I can speak english and dutch, in learning france and german. My goal is to be the best in minecraft!
    Welcome to the server buddy! Nice that you are here now. And we really need to make an island together or something else :p
    Welcome to the community Tim, I hope you will enjoy your time in the community and have a great time playing around! :)


    Formerly known as 0eroTimesNow
    Welcome to the community! Enjoy your time here


    New Member
    Sorry for killing you in pvp. Welcome to the forums :)
    Nice to see all the fast reactions!
    Thanks to all of you!
    Welcome to MomentoNetwork, Enjoy your stay!