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  • Hi I'm Highcaliberss

    Hello everyone thank you for taking your time to view this thread.
    Firstly my name is Jaden and I'm 15. I love Minecraft and I have dedicated quite a bit of time towards momento in the past few days since I started i've spent over 20USD on warden keys got no luck sadly but that's fine. I love OP Prison and have some cool plots you can check out /p h Highcaliberss and /p h Highcaliberss 2 if you see me in OP prison and your in english chat feel free to ask for help or just say hi I am really friendly. I'm also looking for a gang to join.


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    Hey Jaden, I don't really play prison but nice to meet you. msg me if you hope on to Skyblock :)


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    Nice to meet you. Hope to see you around in Prison when I have time to join.
    Thanks for all you guys welcomes I really do appreciate it. I don't normally use forums but this seems like an interesting time waster :D. Heres a quick question to you all who uses reddit?