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  • Hi, I'm Kaden (AAAKingKobra901)

    hi my name is Kaden

    i like the Dallas Cowboys and Pokemon

    i mostly play towny on this server because it's my favorite gamemode in Minecraft

    i first played on this server 1 year ago in search for a good towny server

    i quickly started to connect with the amazing community here

    that's pretty much it, my life isn't that interesting

    also i'm NobleMedicServant#8022 on discord if we ever chat there

    have a nice day :)
    Nice to meet you! Good to see you like the Cowboys, my favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks!


    Staff member
    Nice to meet you! Do you play pokemon go?

    Hope to see you around! =D


    Well-Known Member
    Ooh that’s tough that your a cowboys fan ;), I’m a Bills and Redskins fan.


    Active Member
    sup bro, hope to catch you on the server sometime