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  • Hi, im Puck :)


    Formerly known as Qualiteit_Fan
    Hi, im am Puck. I'm 11 years old and my IGN is Qualiteit_Fan (both Dutch names) and i play since like end 2016, and i have a Prison rank (Gold), and i like the server so much. I love the community en how its so kind to me. Also, the staffs do a great job at helping people. When i ask something, they almost always respond immediately. I play Prison, Skyblock and Factions. I think the server did a great job making the gamemodes, and i hope one day i can be part of it and help in any way i can.

    Greetings, Puck || Qualiteit_Fan.


    Formerly known as 0eroTimesNow
    Welcome to the server. Hope you enjoy your time here
    Hey Pluck, great to meet you! I respect your ambition to help others, I'm sure you'll be part of the staff team one day if you work hard. What's your favourite gamemode?