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  • Hi,I'm TiCTaCPoWer

    Hi guys.. i'm a player that dreams to be staff on this server.
    I played is this server something like two weeks ago,it seems a very good server!And i think i can help u.. but after reading the requirements i need to post 10 things.. so i will introduce myself.
    I'm TiCTaCPoWer.. i player for a long time pvp server and more.. it was my favourite!
    One year ago i stopped playing minecraft.. but when i comed back i loved very much build and towny servers.. now it's my favourite modality,and ur server have it!I really happy of that.. and that's another reason why i want to be staff there..
    If u want to chat with me write under this post,Thank u!
    Hey there TicTac, it's great to know a bit more about you! I'm glad you're enjoying the server - what's your favourite gamemode? Mine's probably Towny/Survival ^^
    Okay. Welcome to Momento! I'm Pop. And... just a tip, you can edit your post to include any more extra details. And... correct me if I'm wrong, the seasonal staff requirements are still on, which means you need less requirements...