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  • Hi there, I'm Dec3mber!


    Formerly known as TheBlueShot
    Well hello there! I'm Michiel also called Dec3mber. I'm 17 years old and I started playing on momento from V2. I recently rejoined the server to play again with my friends. I'm really enjoying my time here and I hope it will continue. I've never done an introduction so I don't actually what to say. I wish everyone a good christmas and new year. See you all. Bye!


    Formerly known as RichNoob
    Hey Dec3mber! Already know you but nice introduction!
    I remember seeing you on prison sometime and I hope we become friends, anyway... I'm Pop. Hope to see you more!


    Active Member
    Welcome 'back' to the server! Hopefully we can meet in game some time, if you need anything just shoot myself or any of the staff a quick message :)


    Formerly known as Thomasmcx
    Welcome back to the server, enjoy your stay.
    December, sounds familiar. I hear of you like every year- wb.