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Prison How to get in the top on prison?


So, there is this new prison season. But how to go actually get so good that you are able to get in the top? That is what I will explain in this guide.

To start off get you kit by using the /kit command. This will make you get a pickaxe and some armor. The pickaxe is the most important. You can use it to earn money by mining. By right clicking when holding you pickaxe you will get into a menu where you can upgrade your pickaxe. What you have to upgrade depends on what you want to do.

Do you want to get in celltop?
Lucky is the enchant to go for. This gives you a higher change to get sponges for cell levels. But don’t forget to rebirth. By going rebirth you will earn rebirth tokens which you can use for the looter enchant and the supercharger enchant. Upgrading them both will earn you lots of sponges In no time.
Do you want to earn lots of money?
Fortune, earthquake and greed are the enchants you need. Fortune makes you get way more blocks which you can sell. Earthquake will break away a whole layer of blocks which will give you lots of money at once. Greed makes you get more money for 1 block.
Do you want to earn more orbs?
Orb greed and earthquake is the way to go. Orb greed makes you get more orbs for 1 block. Earthquake mines away 1 whole layer at once and you will earn the orbs for all the blocks.

If you want a good place to mine, go to a pmine with 0 to 10% tax. This will earn more as the other mines. If you found a mine from someone don’t forget to set a home (/sethome name) so you can come back on every moment my doing /home name.

If you want to focus on cell levels.
upgrade your pickaxe like told under “Do you want to get in celltop?”. But also “Do you want to earn lots of money”. You will earn lots of sponges by mining yourself. But sponges are not the only blocks for cell levels. We also got slimes and beacons. Make a shop at your cell where people can sell sponges, slimes and beacons. This will help you to get a higher cell level.

If you want to focus on money (and rebirth top).
upgrade your pickaxe with all the above mentioned enchants. Getting sponges faster means you can sell the for lots of money to people who focus on cell levels. Earning more orbs means you can sell your orbs to people who still need to upgrade their pickaxe.

How do I actually come so far that I have a good pickaxe?
a fast start is always nice but not always as easy. Something what will help you is for example /vote. This will give orbs, a key , a pet box and a armor EXP dust. Use the orbs to upgrade your pickaxe or sell them. Open the pet box and activate the pet, this will give you a money boost. The armor EXP is something you might want to save for later, but you can also sell those. Use the /crates command and open your vote keys. All kind of different things are in the crate but you will only earn 1. Most likely you can sell these things or you can keep them for yourself to use.

Coming back to the armor EXP dust. By mining you will have a very small chance to get armor. Leather armor with a color. The higher rebirth you are the better the armor will be. Apply the amor EXP dust on your armor and your armor will give you a high sell multiplier when wearing it.

If there is anything unclear about how you can get into those tops. Feel free to ask them!


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Nice guide for players just starting out their prison experience, good job. :)