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    Active Member
    Well I’ve made my comeback. And since I’ve proven to myself that I can dedicate time specifically committed to this server, I thought I should go ahead and reintroduce myself. Oh yeah, and the fact that a lot has changed since I last was active, about a year ago.

    My name is AwesomeK555, but I also do go by the name Lil’ Stapler (coincidentally the name of my alt). I have played on and off on Momento for probably around 3 years now. If any of you remember me, it was probably from Skyblock V2-V3 (yes, before the Dutch era), so you could say I’m kinda an older fella. I do spend the vast majority of my time on Skyblock, though I do hope to move over to Towny and join the fun there.

    I’m finally back to being active (this being the result of me buying a new PC), so you will definitely see me on Skyblock. If you do, I’m always happy to chat with you! Look forward to seeing y’all there!
    It's always nice to see old players return. See you around!