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I am returning early.

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Hello, If you read my last post I said I was taking a break, as I have been revising my mother told me that I should stop for a couple of days, so I have decided that I will return to Momento for a couple of days I will be back today to Monday but from Tuesday onto the 28th I will be gone.
Thanks for reading xShft_PvP


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I’m happy that you are comming back for a couple days.

But do you mean with ‘gone’ that you suit forever or for a period?

But I’m happy you came back

And this is the 300th post of Game Related, GG! :p

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That's great about the 300th post :D
Also, I will not be leaving momento, I guess I wasn't clear. it's not that I will be gone, gone. I wont be online until the 28th after Monday the 16th. I will be back its just the exams are stressful because these are my end of year exams (I know its stupid because its in April but that's my school) I will be retuning for definite and I might even come online for a few minutes during the weekend. But I know that the message wasn't clear its just that I didn't know how to structure it properly, so I will be back after my exams.