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  • I guess this is goodbye.


    Active Member
    Unfortunately my time as Manager on Momento has had to come to a sudden end.

    I want to let all of you know that you are my family, this is my home and always will be. I put a lot of love and dedication into this server but I'm afraid my time was not spent well enough. I wish more then anything I could be better for the server and for all of you, sadly that is just not the case.
    I will stick around and remain in the server, pop on every now and then. I wish all of you the best, and hope you continue to make this server amazing.

    Farewell for now.

    - Much love <3
    You did a lot and I'm glad you were around, even if the time was a little short lived. Wish nothing but the best


    Active Member
    I love you and will miss you to death. You were the best manager I ever knew and will not forget you.


    Formerly known as xShft_
    Mama, you were an amazing Manager, It’s a real shame to see you go. Best of luck in your future endeavours <3
    Gunna miss u momiii <3 stay safe and hope to see you around some days :3 goodluck with life!

    Ps your child is really cute


    Active Member
    You were an amazing Manager, imo the best we've had. Best of luck in your future, Mama!
    I've had amazing experiences with you and so has so many others, its weird to see you go but Good luck with life and your future!
    What??? You're the best manager ever, I can't believe you're leaving. You're the best manager we've ever had on Momento and I can't fathom what it'll be like without you. Thank you for being here, best of luck to your future, we'll miss you <3


    Staff member
    I'm honestly so shocked and upset. You were the best Manager we've ever had, and you're such an amazing person and friend. I can't even think about how we'll function without you.

    I'm going to miss you so much, much love.
    We'll all miss you Mama, thanks for the fun events and all the time you've dedicated to helping the server <3