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    Hello, everyone, I hope you all are having a good day anyways I love playing Minecraft and love playing on this server my favorite mode is creative and my second favorite is fractions even tho I don't play it a lot, fractions was actually the first mode I played not this server and right away I felt at home I teamed up with another player and we went off on an adventure it was so fun. I fell in love with the community right away. Actually when I first joined I asked in chat "On a scale from 1-10 how good is the server" and almost everyone said 10 and when I asked "why" they said because of the community and I understand that now I just hope that one day I can help the server out.
    Welcome to the server, nice to meet you!

    (It’s also spelled “factions,” by the way.)


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    Welcome to the server! Nice to meet you ^-^
    I've seen you around, and I love your IGN. Very jealous :p