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    Hello, everyone, I hope you all are having a good day anyways I love playing Minecraft and love playing on this server my favorite mode is creative and my second favorite is fractions even tho I don't play it a lot, fractions was actually the first mode I played not this server and right away I felt at home I teamed up with another player and we went off on an adventure it was so fun. I fell in love with the community right away. Actually when I first joined I asked in chat "On a scale from 1-10 how good is the server" and almost everyone said 10 and when I asked "why" they said because of the community and I understand that now I just hope that one day I can help the server out.


    Active Member
    Welcome to the server, nice to meet you!

    (It’s also spelled “factions,” by the way.)


    Staff member
    Welcome to the server! Nice to meet you ^-^
    I've seen you around, and I love your IGN. Very jealous :p