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  • Impending Towny Reset!


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    Hey guys, as you might of guessed by the title, its time to get the details on the towny reset as it is very near! The goal for this reset was to take all of your suggestions and our own ideas and craft an enjoyable server.

    • Public release: Saturday the 1st of September at 1pm EST.
    • Omega pre-access: Saturday the 1st of September at 9am EST.


    Includes: crates, portals, pvp arena, 3 floors of mall slots.
    • 1.13.1 Server that's right. If you play on 1.13+ which we would highly recommend, you will have access to all the new blocks, biomes and mobs such as the cute turtles.
    • In-game rankups which you can purchase using in-game money, they unlock special kits and bragging rights.
    • Added a resource world, so now you will only be able to build in the freeworld if you have first claimed the chunk with towny, that way that world will stay clean and you can raid the resource world for resources.
    • Bigger borders (freeworld: 20k * 20k, resourceworld, nether, end: 15k * 15k)
    • Added incentives for doing jobs (earning money) such as paying to create a town and maintain it.
    • Added town costs (unlike this version) so you will have to work a bit to earn the right to create a town and you will have to work to keep its bank loaded so that it can pay the daily cost.
    • Added trading system for safe trades (/trade)
    • Added casino for some fun gambling (/casino)
    • Re-did the crates and added a new one
    • Towny chat has been fixed
    • Portals at spawn to reach any of the worlds, these portals will randomly teleport you at random coords in that world instead of just teleporting you to the same point all the time
    • Chat auctions, you can now auction things in chat and bid on auctions by using the /auc command
    • Added a starter kit and a kit for all donor and in-game ranks
    • Added town fly (/fly) for everyone, lets you fly in your town claims
    • Added a pvp arena as seen in the pictures above which will be the only place that pvp is enabled on the server, a good place to settle arguments :>
    • Better mall layout, now instead of walking forever, its in a smaller area but on multiple floors
    • Mob spawning fixed
    • Added comprehensive town command details (/townhelp)
    • Added the ability to purcahse bonus town blocks (/town buy bonus)
    • Custom enchants (similar to skyblock or factions)
    • And more!

    Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on!


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    I'm honestly so excited. The new spawn looks amazing and the updates seem to be exactly what the community wanted. I'm in love.


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    Omg...I cannot wait. Just looking for a town! :p if anybody is open pm me

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    Dang that's cool, i'll definitely check it out!

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    Coool Cant Wait, i love towny! :D
    I'm SOOO excited for this Towny reset can't wait to play this. I think i'll love it !!!!
    Looking really good! - I think after this, I may have to hop onto Towny! :)
    Keep it up!


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    What is this "new crate" you speak of? Better then Legendary? Worse then Legendary? I guess we'll wait to see. xD
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    Sucks there isn't a shop but absolutely love the ideas, thank you for all the work you put into it!