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Incident Report [19 Sept 2019]


Staff member
Hi guys, as some of you might be aware we have faced an attack yesterday where the attackers were able to exploit a flaw in our hosting and of a plugin to gain access to information they shouldn't have been able to and to grief the server. Luckily we take automated backups daily so we were able to restore everything the exact way it was before the attack and patch the vulnerabilities, however the attackers did gain access to some information.

The information they got is pretty much a list of usernames and related ips. This might sound alarming to some of you but realistically you are in no danger because of this and we do not store anything else that would be considered private information. We store ips and usernames for functionality purposes and security (to prevent people from bypassing bans for example and from going over the alt limit). This is a more than common practice and almost every website or application you use does the same.

I just wanted to make this information public because they usually try to extort people and we all know how that goes.. Anyways like I said we have patched the vulnerabilities they exploited and will take some extra preventative measures to make sure this does not happen again, sorry for the chaotic day yesterday and I hope we can all move past this.

If you have any issues related to this incident, please email
[email protected]


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Hope everything is okay! Good riddance they’re gone.
Imagine getting extorted over the IP of your personal VPN on Google Cloud :think:


New Member
Thank you for the update, I am happy you shared this information with us. I agree, there should be nothing to worry about, IP and user name is publicly available anyway if you know where to look.


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I'm glad you cleared this up, security breaches are common this day in age. I'm just glad you were able to mitigate any problems rapidly and confusion free.