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  • Introduction from a old player ;p

    First of all i would like to say: Hello there or Kon'nichiwa
    I am SenpaiSonico real name Gijsbert and i am 22 years old atm
    turning 23 on the 10th of april and i am from Holland.

    My favotite Series and Food
    Maybe you already knew but I'm a big fan of anime,
    Anime is the only kind of series that I like to watch
    My favorite anime series are therefore:
    Fairy Tail, One piece, Bleach and Clanned
    if I were to tell you all series that I like then the list will expend over the whole page :)

    My favorite food is nasi goreng,lasagne and miso soup

    How long do i play Momentonetwork and where can you find me?
    I've been playing Momento for like 3 years. and you can find me mostly of the
    time on skyblock but i play the other game modes aswell

    What music do i like?
    Edm,Hardstyle,House and Anime OST

    Other things:
    I am not the most sportive person but if i have to made a
    choice it would be chess. I am part of a rather small family living in the north of Holland
    got a bachelor degree in chemistry and currently studying for my master degree

    Do you wanna know anything more about me ? Ask it in game or pm me on discord

    Last thing i am willing to say is have a great time with each other
    Bye Bye

    (Former Admin Momento Network)
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    Welcome back Gijsbert! Great introduction! Hope to see you around! =D
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    Nice to meet you! Are u from Holland tho? Or are u from the Netherlands:) Cuz Holland officially is 2 states.